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The toughest non-stop cycling event in Continental Europe

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ENTER 2018

Congratulations to Viribus Audax in the teams of 4
Saddle Sand Sea in the Mens Pairs for setting
new records for the RACE across Europe!

Registration for 2018 open!




RACE 2018

  1. Starts Saturday 30 June 2018

  2. Starts in Boulogne sur Mer (France), finishes in Tarifa (Spain)

  3. 2934 miles (4722 km) - final mileage revision to come

  4. 6 countries (France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Spain

Are you looking for one of the ultimate cycling and life challenges?

The RACE (Race across Europe) is a once-in-a-lifetime cycling event featuring the very best of riding in Europe. This event requires exceptional teamwork, stamina, energy, strategy and humour to succeed. Don’t let ‘race’ put you off though. If you cycle in a team this challenge is achievable by most people. Those who finish can proudly say that they competed in, and completed, what we think is one of the hardest cycling events on earth. It is not just about the cyclists either, this event allows even those with no interest in cycling to take part through acting as support crew to the cyclists, driving vehicles, navigating, cooking and boosting morale etc. The support crew are critical to the success of the cyclists and in many ways have the harder challenge and gain just as much by way of a major life achievement as anyone on a bike. It is truly a team event for everyone!

The outline

Riders enter solo or in teams of 2, 4, 6 or 8 with a support crew in follow vehicles. You can either organise your own support crew or delegate this to Greenrock.

Cyclists and their crews set off from Calais to Gibraltar along the route set by Greenrock, carrying a satellite tracking device which transmits the rider’s position every 5 minutes. Cyclists will need to ride day and night to reach Gibraltar within the time limit.

For 2018 we have also introduced a solo unsupported class after many requests. Solo unsupported cyclists will have to follow the established route and a new set of rules and regs will be developed for them shortly.

the race 2015

Viribus Audax, a team of Physical Training Instructors in the RAF, set a new record with their time of 8 days, 20 hours, 20 minutes and 53 seconds. The riders were Ronan Archbold, Sue Pugh, Nick Hitchman and Philip Morris. They beat the previous team of 4 record, set in 2013 by Team Phoenix, by over 24 hours so massive congratulations to them and their team and we hope they enjoy the crates of beer they have been dreaming of over the last few days!

Paddy Montgomery and Seamus Crawford from Saddle Sand Sea are the first pair to ever complete the RACE, which they did in 11 days, 12 hours, 21 minutes and 4 seconds.

The RACE across Europe 2015 was the first of three events they are competing in – in 2016 they finished the Marathon des Sables and in 2017 they are taking on the Tallisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

The Race Across Europe has lots of very exciting news for the 2018 edition of the event.

  1. New dates

  2. New lower pricing

  3. New start as of 2017 - Boulogne sur Mer/France

  4. New finish - Tarifa/Spain

  5. Two new categories - an unsupported solo class    and electric bikes for those with disabilities

  6. Chirs ‘Hoppo’ Hopkinson our ambassador and 4 time RAAM solo finisher will be racing in a pair!

Huge congratulations to Pedalling Squares in the teams of 4 for setting a new record for the RACE across Europe!

the race 2016

Despite atrocious wet weather throughout central Europe and strong headwinds in Spain, the Pedalling Squares have set a new record of 7 days, 10 hours and 24 minutes, taking 34 hours off the 2015 record set by Viribus Audax. Brilliant job, guys, well done!    

Huge congratulations to the team from Zurich Insurance who took on the challenge of the RACE across Europe to raise funds for the Zurich Community Trust. You can find their fundraising page here.      

The riders were (left to right in photo) Philip Indlekofer (SUI), Jason Cripps (GBR), Joe Rowe (GBR) and Francis Reardon (GBR).

the race 2017

2017 saw our first French pair from Team Spondylarthrite. Christian Jacques Thomas and Philippe Duquellenec set out from the new start in Boulogne sur Mer to tackle the route. Sadly due to some technical issues Christian Jacques had to pull out whilst riding through Germany, But Philippe carried on and having covered over half the distance he would have cycled finished west of Mt Ventoux. It was an excellent effort from both riders and given their pace they may have broken the pairs time.