The Race Across Europe



Riders need to organise their personal support crew and vehicle backup. It is up to you to decide how to manage your support crew and cyclists’ shifts, and your decision then dictates how many vehicles and support crew you will require to maintain momentum and minimise fatigue amongst the team so you can complete the challenge safely. You also need to think about how quickly you want to complete the route and how much comfort you and your crew are willing to sacrifice for a quick time. A sample support crew could consist of:

1 van to carry luggage, spares, food and fluid etc

1 RV or minibus for sleep, rest and recovery

4 drivers operating in shifts to avoid fatigue, who could double as first aiders, mechanics and masseuses

This challenge represents a true team effort whether riding solo or in a team of eight. The support crew are critical to any entrant’s success so it is critical that the support crew is well organised and well briefed if you are to succeed. Your team is responsible for organising and funding the support crew and vehicles; you must take into account the extra personnel and cost prior to committing to take on The RACE. The RACE is highly suited to sponsorship as the vehicles, cyclists and bicycles all represent mobile advertising as they travel across Europe. Sponsorship and fundraising will both help in gaining support for this very visible challenge.

Greenrock provides support and advice on equipment, vehicle hire and logistics for riders and their backup teams from the moment of registration. During the RACE riders’ teams can contact the Greenrock backup team while we run a fleet of vehicles through Europe which leapfrog each other to provide manned checkpoints with timings, refreshments and medical and mechanical aid.


If you find you do not have the time to organise all the logistics and crew required to undertake the Race Across Europe we have designed support packages below:

The Rent-a-Crew price includes:

  1. Camper van/s – size and number dependent on team size

  2. Mini bus/es – size and number dependent on team size

  3. Vehicles prepared as per the rules for the event

  4. All fuel costs

  5. European breakdown cover

  6. All ferry crossings if starting in the UK (please ask for pricing if
    starting from mainland Europe)

  7. Food and drink during each days cycling but excluding the start
    and finish (this will include isotonic supplements)

  8. Basic spare parts (inner tubes etc), larger spare parts will be
    available on a sale or return basis

  9. Team T-shirts and baseball caps

  10. Support crew (there will be bicycle mechanics and First Aid
    providers amongst each crew) – minimum crew size 4 ranging up
    to 6 + depending on team size and requirements

  11. All support crew costs – wages, phones, travel, accommodation
    and food throughout the entire trip

  12. Peage (toll roads) costs

  13. Gas for cooking (if needed)

  14. Additional costs for showering en-route (if needed)

  15. First Aid kit, racking and communications system

  16. Insurance cover for vehicles and the support crew

  17. Extra accommodation in Gibraltar (2 nights)

  18. Entry cost for the Race Across Europe

  19. Return of your bicycles to the UK from Gibraltar by road

What is not included

  1. Additional accommodation costs at the start

  2. Food and drink at the start and finish, or any additional food en-
    route over and above what will be provided

  3. Sleeping kit such as sleeping bags, pillows etc Personal kit – clothing for cycling and leisure

  4. Bicycles

  5. Personal medical and travel insurance

  6. Return flights from Gibraltar if not travelling back with the

  7. All costs on the return journey from Gibraltar – accommodation
    and food

N.B – The entry fee for the Race Across Europe is included in the pricing

This event and its outline are the intellectual property of Greenrock Ltd

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The toughest non-stop cycling event in Continental Europe


“The cycling bit is the easy bit, you sit on your bike and pedal. Being the support crew is the most difficult and the most important part of the team”

Keith Burley, Lead Cyclist, Team Phoenix RACE 2013


Team size






Total cost






Cost per person






Giampiero Gaetano

Nationality : Italian
Age : 28
Roles : Driver, navigator, physio
Profession : Nurse in the Italian Air Force
Skills : Experience of driving on the continent, First Aid, logistics, fluent Italian and English
Experience : Crewed on RAAM 2015, shift work

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Gyanendra Sharma

Nationality : Indian
Age : 27
Roles : Navigator, mechanic
Skills : Cooking and provisioning, First Aid, budgeting, marketing and social media
Experience : RAAM qualifier

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Nicolas Vexlir

Nationality : Argentine
Roles : Crew chief, driver, navigator
Skills : Cooking and provisioning, First Aid, Logistics, Languages
Experience : Director of Emergency and Logistics Response in Buenos Aires (since 2008), firefighter and emergency rescue response team with the UN and various NGOs.

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Jenny Scott

Nationality : British
Roles : Crew chief, navigator
Skills : Cooking and provisioning, Photography, Marketing & social media
Experience : Works with sports clubs and events, managing budgets, logistics and participants.

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Sudipto Pal

Nationality : Indian
Roles : Crew chief, navigator, driver
Skills : First Aid, Photography, Logistics
Experience : Professional mountaineer, keen cyclist and first super randonneur from eastern India.

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John Goldsmith

Nationality : American
Roles : Crew chief, navigator, driver, mechanic
Skills : Cooking and provisioning, Experience of driving on the continent, First Aid, Budgeting, Logistics, Languages
Experience : Has been living in French Alps for past 22 years, organising and running bike tours in France, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. Has helped clients complete Haute Route and the Marmotte.

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Ben Woods

Nationality : British
Age : 31
Roles : Crew chief, navigator, driver
Profession : former British Army Captain (Infantry)
Skills : Cooking and provisioning, Experience of driving on the continent, First Aid, logistics, budgeting, marketing and social media, languages
Experience : army expeditions and operations

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