Welcome to the 2018 entries for the Race Across Europe

Supported categories

Eight person team

Team K3 Zadara for the Steve Prescott Foundation - United Kingdom SEE LIVE POSITION

Cyclists - Neil Prescott, Steve Hall, Darren Harrison, Ewan Dowes, Kevin Humphries, Phil Ellison, Steve Hampson and Gareth Ellis


Team - Fritz Geers/Ultrasportler - Germany SEE LIVE POSITION

Cyclist - Fritz Geers


Team – Thomas Jacklitsch / Team Sportcoaching.net SEE LIVE POSITION

Cyclist – Thomas Jacklitsch

 Thomas Jacklitsch and team

Thomas Jacklitsch and team

Unsupported categories


Jen Lockett - United Kingdom

Andy Bennett - Dude and a Bike - Singapore

Georgina Cleere - Team Cleere - United Kingdom

Andrew Osborne - Las Vegas Institute of Sport - United Kingdom

Stephen Ballard - United Kingdom