How much does it cost to take part in the RACE?

Supported teams

  • Solo £950

  • Pair £1700 (ie £850 per person)

  • 4-person team £3000 (ie £750 per person)

  • 6-person team £4200 (ie £700 per person)

  • 8-person team £5200 (ie £650 per person)

Semi-supported teams (solos and pairs)

  • Solo £550 (2019 onwards)

  • Pairs £1,000 (2019 onwards)

Unsupported teams (solos and pairs)

  • Solo cyclists £350 (2019 Onwards)

  • Pairs £700 (2019 Onwards)


There is a £100 per cyclist (unsupported & semi-supported cyclists) and £250 per cyclist (supported teams) registration fee which is non-refundable under any circumstances. You will be invoiced for the balance of payment 10 weeks before the event starts and payment must be received no later than 8 weeks before the event starts in full.

Please note that you are not officially registered for the RACE and therefore will not be featured on the RACE website or Facebook page until you have paid your registration fee. 

What’s included

  • Start and Finish in Boulogne-sur-Mer and Tarifa

  • Full race directions to include - route maps and turn by turn directions in hard copy (supported teams & semi-supported teams), plus GPX files for download

  • Rule book and guide in hard copy (supported teams & semi-supported teams)

  • Satellite tracking device with live updates to the RACE website (one per team on loan)

  • All promotional race merchandise:

  1. T-shirts for all team members (supported teams & semi-supported teams)

  2. Cycling shirts for all cyclists

  3. Car decals and stickers (supported teams & semi-supported teams)

  4. Reflective spray

  5. 3M reflective tape

  6. Finishing medals and certificates

  • Five control points across Europe

  • Ongoing support and advice about equipment, vehicle hire, visas

  • Marketing and media support

  • Open access to any photography and videography

What’s not included

  • Accommodation

  • Fuel

  • Personal, medical and motor insurance

  • Daily meals

  • Bike/s

  • Support crew and vehicles