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Your support crew are the key to your success with arguably the hardest challenge of all.

Supported riders need to organise their personal support crew and vehicle backup. It is up to you to decide how to manage your support crew and cyclists’ shifts, and your decision then dictates how many vehicles and support crew you will require to maintain momentum and minimise fatigue amongst the team so you can complete the challenge safely. It is illegal to drive while team members are asleep unless they are seated with a seatbelt on, so careful planning needs to take place to organise every aspect of your journey safely, it is possible though! You also need to think about how quickly you want to complete the route and how much comfort you and your crew are willing to sacrifice for a quick time. A sample support crew for a team of 1 to 4  cyclists could consist of:

  • 1 x follow vehicle to carry luggage, spares, food and fluid etc

  • 1 x RV (camper van) for sleep, washing, eating and recovery

  • 5 x support crew operating in shifts to avoid fatigue, who could double as drivers, first aiders, cooks, navigators, mechanics, photographers and masseuse.

This challenge represents a true team effort whether riding solo or in a team of eight. The support crew are critical to any entrant’s success so it is critical that the support crew is well organised and well briefed if you are to succeed. Your team is responsible for organising and funding the support crew and vehicles; you must take into account the extra personnel and cost prior to committing to take on the Race Across Europe.

Greenrock provides support and advice on equipment, vehicle hire and logistics for riders and their backup teams from the moment of registration.

If you are interested in volunteering as support crew for teams on the Race Across Europe please leave your details by clicking on the 'REGISTER' button below.


If you are short on time for organising crew, vehicles, accommodation, transport and the various other elements that make up entering the supported version of the Race Across Europe we can always help by way of introductions or taking the workload off you by organising it for you. If this is of interest please contact us for pricing and availability.